Homeschoolers Tennis Program

Most athletes homeschool for the competitive edge. When parents want their children to focus more hours on their passion, they start homeschooling. Tennis tournaments are most of the time held during the weekends.  National level tournaments interfere with regular school schedule. There is when homeschooling starts.


Tennis is not only a sport for elite players. Tennis is great sport for personal formation. It is all about etiquette, logic, mathematic and sportsmanship.

The sport teaches how to remain calm under intense pressure, how to control your emotions and how to deal with problems by yourself.

Our  Homeschool Tennis Program has a very flexible schedule. Our students have different goals and start at different levels. Most of our classes run during the morning hours at your most convenient tennis court.

If you will like our program to provide services for your students we could also complete the New Vendor Request Form from your Organization.

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