About Thomas Worring

Tennis Director

Coach Thomas, Tennis Director and High performance Tennis Coach, has well-deserved reputation of developing beginners to High ranked tennis players.

He is high-powered, enthusiastic, and compassionate professional, with more than 30 years of progressive coaching experience. He has being recognized as energetic and motivational trainer, encouraging players to reach their maximum potential.

Because of his long trajectory traveling with professional players on the ATP and WTP Tour  all over the world, Coach Thomas has the  ability to deal with various individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

He is focused and detail-oriented, with capacity to set strategic vision and deliver positive results.


Career Overview


  • Served as coach ATP/WTA tour for seven years, coaching several top 50 players as well as Davis Cup Coach for three years

  • Davis Cup and National Coach for Haiti for 3 consecutive years.

  • National coach for National USTA junior competitions (2008–Present )

  • USTA Competition Training Center (CTC) Head Coach for Ventura/Santa Barbara (2007–Present )

  • Zonal Coach of the “Southern California Boys and Girls 14, Winner Team 2010

  • Players who started as beginners and ended up ranked in the top 10 in the 10’s 12’s and 14’s.

About Oriana Worring-La Torre

10 and Under Tennis Coach

Coach Oriana brings 10 years of experience working with toddlers and kids under 10 years old. She specializes in this groups because of her creativity, patience and passion for teaching little ones. She personalize her teaching strategies according with the level of concentration of each child. Also works on develop the correct tennis technique from the first lesson.  




Bachelor Degree in Sports Science

CSU (Present)

Associate in Child Development

Bachelor Degree in Food Process Engineer. (1998-2003)

“Agraria University La Molina”  Lima, Peru

PTR Tennis Coach

Certified Fitness Instructor by ASFA,

NASM Personal Trainer

Certified Zumba Instructor  

Background checked and TB tested, CPR, AED and First Aid trained

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After School Tennis Schule Worring
What some happy tennis students say:  

If you want to learn how to play tennis professionally, then you must take lessons from coach Thomas Worring. 
My daughter was taking lessons with another coach when I happened to notice Thomas on the next court giving lessons. The difference in coaching was night and day. I immediately had my daughter take lessons with Thomas and within only a few months I have noticed a major change in her performance. He focuses on all aspects of tennis: from learning to keep score and keeping a fit body to understanding why and how to swing. As they progress he challenges them further. 
I'm so lucky to have come across him!

Thomas Worring is the kind of Coach you want for your Child if you want your Child to play professional Tennis Tournaments. 
My 9 year old Sons Technique has amazingly improved when he started taking lessons from Thomas. 
Thomas does not only teach great technique, but also game strategy, and is very patient while doing all of that. If he has to, he will repeat the same thing 100 times, if that is what it takes to get his student to learn. 
Thomas specializes in teaching children from an  age as early as three years old.
He should not be mistaken for one of those coaches that only teach tennis for recreation. He wants to make Tennis Champions out of his students.

Tom Worring is one of the best tennis coaches I have seen.  His program is great and gets quick results.  My 9 year old daughter has been training with him for less than 6 months and improved more in that time than the previous 2 years of her playing.  He is an all around coach who works on conditioning as well as technique.  We are very happy here!